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The GAC acts as a "local voice" for issues important to the American Chemical Society which are outlined in their policy statements (found through and the Legislative Action Website).  We plan several local activities each year. A really easy way to get involved with ACS legislative activities on the national state is to join the Legislative Action Network. 

Vermont State - Toxic Chemicals Legislation

  Bill number S.239 has recently been introduced to the Committee on Health and Welfare of the Vermont Senate.  The purpose of this bill is to regulate toxic substances in consumer products sold in VT.  It does not include the regulation of chemicals that are already monitored by the EPA (such as pesticides) and FDA (such as food additives, drugs and their packaging).  It describes a "list of chemicals of high concern" to be compiled and maintained by the VT Dept of Health.  Chemicals on the list will need to be removed from consumer products within 3 years.  A copy of the bill is attached. 

 Your Government Affairs Committee presented the bill to national ACS for their opinion.  Because of its limited scope, national ACS will neither support nor oppose the bill.  Attached is the chemical regulation polic ystatement for the national ACS organization.

 As residentsof VT with expertise in chemistry we encourage you to contact your local state representatives to express your views on this legislation.  You can find your representatives here ( 

Please make clear in your interactions that you are speaking as a constituent and that ACS has no official position.  


For more information, please contact:

Sarah Locknar,

Green Mountain ACS Government Affairs Committee Chair

slocknar [at]


Dick Milius,

Green Mountain ACS Chair, 2014

rmilius [at]




1) ACS - Chemical-risk-assesssment-position-statement

2) S-239 Toxic Chemical Program


Latest Update on Vermont State Toxic Chemicals Legislation


The revised version of Bill S-239 can be found here

Latest Update - Vermont State Toxic Chemicals Bill Passed in the senate


The Vermont Senate has passed S.239 - A bill to regulate toxic substances.

It is now with the Committee on Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources.  They had a hearing about it last week and it will come up again on Wed. April 9, 2014 at 1:00 PM.  Records of the testimonies can be found here.

The committee Members are:

Rep. David L. Deen, Chair
Rep. Jim McCullough, Vice Chair
Rep. Steve Beyor, Ranking Member
Rep. Willem Jewett
Rep. Bob Krebs
Rep. Mark Huntley, Clerk
Rep. Connie Quimby
Rep. Thomas Terenzini
Rep. Kate Webb

 The passed version of the bill is here

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